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Any fire twirling events coming up?

Is it still true that they are on every Wednesday night at Coogee beach, Glebe Point on Thursday nights, and UNSW on Monday nights?
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Wet weather

Hey everyone!

Just a quick question, does the fire twirling at UNSW still go ahead in wet weather. I can't imagine it would.. but just checking as I have been meaning to come to the group for a while now but every time I am able to come it seems to rain!

Thanks :)
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Daylight Twirling Extravaganza!

Hi everyone,

I'm organising a daylight twirl event at Glebe Point Park, (Jubilee Park?) at 3pm Saturday June 2.

It'll be kid friendly (no flame and playgrounds around).

I'm thinking we could have a picnic and make a day of it.

Open invite so please pass this on to anyone you think might enjoy the day.

Please email me for any further details. sophroniathewitch aht gmail

Hope to see you all there!


(apologies for xpostage)
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Question time!

Hey all!

I am new to the community and thought I'd say hey and ask a few questions :D

Firstly, I have been interested in coming down to Glebe on a Thursday night for a while and was wondering what time everything gets going now that daylight saving has kicked in? I was also was wondering how big it is down there?

I haven't been twirling long, but totally love it and can't wait to do it with fire! So I was wondering.. do you find it hard to make the switch from practice poi to fire? And lastly where would you suggest to buy the regular fire pois in Sydney?

Thanks for any help :D
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